Friday, June 6, 2008

The Old Hearing Aid Excuse

In today's Sun-Sentinel we find out that the current rift of many rifts between Duane Charles and Jason Taylor wasn't a rift at all. The problem? He didn't hear him.

No, seriously.

However, last Saturday, Taylor admitted that the widely circulated reports were accurate and that he did feel snubbed by Parcells when he made a brief appearance during a film session at team headquarters last month while on a break from his stint on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Taylor added that their encounter was not "confrontational."

"I was in the room there with a lot of people," Parcells said. "I have hearing aids. I didn't have them with me that day. I didn't see anybody walk into the room directly.
The quick and interesting read drops some more Parcells nuggets:
On running back Ricky Williams: "I've always had a high regard for the player. ... We're hoping he could recapture some of what he had because what he had was pretty special, so I'm rooting for him."
Aren't we all...
On Patriots coach Bill Belichick's Spygate episode: "I think it was overblown. If the competition is victimized by someone spying on you — if that happened — it's your fault because you could take precautions to keep that from happening if you're smart enough."
Appeasing the AFC East gatekeepers. Laud them with praise, then attack the champs. Interesting approach.

Insert pre-requisite Dancing With The Stars clip:


ASponge said...

Hah. Great piece, Mike. I love that Bill Parcells is finally being nice, now that he realizes he's not going to get any trade value for JT.

And like I've been saying all along, why couldn't he have just done that four weeks ago?

E.J. said...

What did you say, Mike? I couldn't hear you.