Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain Plays Beautiful Soccer, Beats Germany

We've had a little coverage of the Euro 2008 Tournament, so it seems proper to add a few final thoughts.

I made it no secret that I was pulling for Spain throughout the contests, so I was delighted to watch them win yesterday. With all due apologies to Stanley C. and his German nationalism, there was no doubt who the better team was. Spain was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, never losing and executing with a healthy combination of grit and finesse.

And how can you not be happy for the Spanish? They've endured disappointment after disappointment, heartbreaking losses and major choke jobs. Now they can call themselves champions, and do they ever deserve it!

If watching Spain was a treat, it was an even greater pleasure to hear the absolutely brilliant announcing of Adrian Healey and Andy Gray. Joe Buck should be taking notes.


Stanley C. said...

Spain was the best team throughout the tournament, there's no doubt they deserved the win. As a German, it was frustrating to see our attack constantly thwarted with seemingly little effort. At the same time, it's not like we lost a game we woulda, coulda, shoulda done something different and had a chance. We were out played. We made the finals, there's no shame in that. Congrats Spain, see you in 2 years in South Africa.

ASponge said...

Very well said, Stanley. And Germany is, without a doubt, the most consistent European power. Being runner-up is pretty awesome in itself.