Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marreese Speights Gone for Good

This isn't a breaking news story. In fact, draft experts had already been counting Speights in mock drafts for months. Still, Speights has now positioned himself as yet another NCAA Basketball casualty in the never-ending drive for early dollar.

The good news for Speights is that he's being universally projected in the first round. I've seen him listed as high as the lottery, but also sinking towards the bottom of the first round. It would be a big surprise if he fell to the second round, but one never knows.

I don't like this decision for two reasons:

1. The once-green Gators were ready to make a serious tourney run this year, with Speights leading the way. It's a tough and unexpected (I think) blow to their hopes...but then, it's hard to feel sympathy for a school that just won two of the last three titles! (Yes, I like saying that). I wonder what Billy Donavan really thinks about this.

2. Marreese Speights, what are you doing? Look at the history of early mid-late first round picks! Odds are, you won't be playing serious minutes until at least 2010, possibly later. You may never even get off the pine, and your contract will be expendable. These aren't the great NFL riches that await you. Imagine if you had boosted your position with a great Gator run...sigh. These kids never learn.

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E.J. said...

Yeah, I don't like that decision at all. While he does have a ring, he really didn't leave an indelible mark on the university like his predecessors. But that's not what it's all about for most young guys.

It's extremely rare to see guys like Noah, Brewer, and Horford come back to school just for fun and legend enhancement. I wish more guys were like that.

That said, I don't know, maybe Speights needed the money for his family.