Thursday, June 12, 2008

How About a Broom?

Just when the Phillies were on the verge of pulling away in the standings, once again the Marlins rise to the occasion and play some of their best ball of the season. Last night's dramatic win with Uggla's walk-off grand slam sets up a very unlikely scenario, a Marlins sweep of a 3-game series over the Phillies. The last time that happened? A 4-game sweep July 26-29, 2004 at home.

Speaking of unlikely scenarios, how about the Marlins leading the Major Leagues in homeruns, once again poised to climb to only one game out of first place in mid-June, Jorge Cantu posting better numbers at this point in the season than Miguel Cabrera, Andrew Miller pitching brilliantly against a potent Phillies offense while Dontrelle Willis joins the single A Lakeland Tigers of the Florida State League with an ERA of over 10, and the Mets at 2 games under .500, the Yankees at an even .500, with the Marlins at 7 games over?

When I was sitting in the stands on Tuesday night, surrounded by Phillies fans on the third base side just above the visitors' dugout, it seemed very unlikely that by Thursday night I might be back at the stadium thinking about a sweep. So when I head out to the game tonight, I would be bringing a broom along if they let me, but they don't even allow umbrellas let alone brooms at Dolphin Stadium. Nonetheless, I wish there would be a large proactive crowd of fans there tonight to watch the possible unfolding of another championship year, long before the thousands of latecomers join the bandwagon in September. At least I can count on the Sign Guy in my section supporting the Marlins through thick and thin, even if surrounded by a sea of red.

It may be June, and it may be way too early to hope, but that is what going to a baseball game is all about. Dreams and possibilities, unlikely heroes, and lots of food (even junk food) for thought and discussion. That is also what this blog site is all about! Maybe I'll try to sneak in a broom.


Asadler said...

A sweep against these guys would be so sweet...

ASponge said...

We can pinch off one bristle from a broom and carry it in...that would be pretty symbolic of the Marlins too.