Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Notes

I'm going to try and do this once or twice a week. These are just a few observations:

-Jamie Moyer has become so bad late in his career, that he is good. If only Roger Clemens could have learned from him...

-The Braves have signed Jorge Julio. Did the Braves decide that this was cheaper than holding a press conference to concede the season?

-Uggla has looked Uggla since that Walk-Off Granny...(Of course, as I write this, he hits an RBI single.)

-I know it's still early, but looking at the division and Wild Card standings, it is going to be a real fight for the Fish to get a playoff spot.

-Is there anything more boring that off-season football discussion? I'm sorry, but it's the heart of baseball season, and the NBA finals have been extremely entertaining. Save the talk about the Bengals backup OT.

-This weekend's wild ride of a U.S. Open marked the first time I watched golf for more than 30 seconds in a row. I salute Tiger Woods.

-I realize that it is all about the money, but Staples Center turning into the Academy Awards has hurt the team, the "fans" don't even seem to know when to cheer.

-Back to the NBA and money. Is it a bad sign when scouting reports are now telling us how, and in favor of what team, will each game be officiated?

-One more time. How many people are going to have to sue Clay Bennett before people realize what an injustice the Sonics' situation is?

-What the hell, here's another. David Stern is slowly becoming one of the shadiest commissioners in the history of sports. I realize Donaghy is a scumbag, but these officiating rumors, joined with the Seattle situation, ave really got me wondering about this guy.

-Neither KG or Kobe has impressed me at all this series. Paul Pierce is the only "star" who is significantly adding to his legacy.

-Ricky Nolasco's Drug-Free commercial is nothing but high comedy.

-Forget it, I'm mad at the NBA. Oklahoma City? Really?

-I'm almost positive that one of Derek Fisher's three-pointers hit the roof of the Staples Center.

-Having Willingham for interleague play would've been nice. Maybe I just don't like Wes Helms...

-Ryan Tucker looks like he should be on the 90210 remake.

-What happened to Hendrickson? Do the effects of Lasik only last a couple of months?

-Most exciting game, in any sport, that I've watched all week? Turkey vs Cezch Republic in the Euro Cup.

-I've had no complaints with Fredi Gonzalez, but he needs to find a way to manage pitch count better. Every pitcher we have seems overworked.

-Was I the only one hoping for a "Yankees Wang Hurt" headline? I was? Oh well...


Stanley C. said...

Loved it. "Yanks Wang hurt" was a text I got from a fellow yankee hater, lol. And glad to see that not only were you hooked by this weekend's amazing golf, but also by Euro 2008. The Turkish comeback was truly incredible. The world's game is slowly coming into America's radar. Unfortunatly, however, the NBA finals are nowhere near my personal radar. I don't know if it's the Donaghy stuff or what it is, but I have felt absolutly no interest in these finals. If ever the NBA needed a demonstration of how much basketball is not a true team sport, its this. Oh well, I never really was an NBA fan anyway. Lookin forward to more quick notes.

Asadler said...

Thanks alot. And yeah, I know quite a few people who have taken the Donaghy as way more important than the Finals this year. To be honest, I do not blame you guys, Stern has a real problem on his hands.

JSponge said...

Many good points, but I have to stick up for Wes Helms. He may not be Willingham, but he is willing to take the helm when called upon.

E.J. said...

I don't have a dog in the Lakers-Celtics fight, but I have to agree that Paul Pierce has been spectacular - I've enjoyed watching him in this Finals more than I've enjoyed watching Kobe, and that's saying a lot.

Jay Warman said...

I hereby move to ban all future plays on words involving Uggla and the word ugly.

Otherwise, great post. Really enjoyed it.

ASponge said...

I used to be Stern's staunchest advocate, but the wheels have really come off that wagon.

He once built the NBA into a great league, and now he's destroying it. He's become a ruthless dictator...and the iron fist will only strike contact for so long.

I also enjoyed your notes. Nice work!

Asadler said...

Thanks again. And an extra thank you for helping future writers avoid Uggla wordplay.

E.J. said...

Yes, the wordplay is getting downright Uggla.