Friday, June 13, 2008

Ronnie Brown Looks Good

And when I say that, I'm not referring to how handsome he is (though we at TSFF have every reason to believe he's physically good-looking as well).

No, the basis of this report comes from the ever-dependable FinsNation. According to The Dude, Ronnie Brown is well on his way to recovery. His eloquent words for what might happen against the Jets:

"And he's gonna run all over their asses, blow right through their DBs and LBs like a cannon ball, rip off their helmets with their heads still in them and FedEx them to Bob Sutton's home, take a dump in Eric Mangini's mouth, rip off Calvin Pace's arm and beat Vernon Gholston to death with it, and go up into the stands and shove Fireman Ed's hat so far up his ass, they'll need the jaws of life to go in and pry it out."

That's certainly an optimistic viewpoint, and yet I agree. Do you all remember just how dominating he was in the first few games? The Dolphins were actually gaining yards at that time (just blowing every game by 3 points or less), and he was a top top fantasy back. Those days could be back again. I'm excited.

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