Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hurricanes Still Alive at CWS; Noles Going Home

It was very nearly another catastrophic 9th inning collapse for closer Carlos Gutierrez and the Miami Hurricanes. After giving up four runs in the 9th on Friday to cost Miami it's opening round game versus Georgia, Gutierrez gave up another three runs in the 9th yesterday as the Canes beat rival FSU 7-5 in Omaha. The Seminoles finish the year 54-14, and have to be exceedingly disappointed at how they finished the year. The 4th-ranked team in the nation goes home without a single CWS win.

For the Canes, there were some heroes - Dannis Raben made a couple of outstanding defensive plays and had a couple of (crucial) RBI's. Eric Erickson played a marvelous game after coming in for injured starter David (please don't call me Carlos) Gutierrez. Erickson gave up one run in 5 innings of work. Jemile Weeks and Blake Tekotte added a couple of much-needed home runs ("blasts" would be more accurate). As for Carlos Gutierrez? One more closing effort like his past two and the Canes will be making expeditious flight arrangements back to Miami.

UM, now 53-10 on the season, plays another elimination game tomorrow night against Stanford. All the games the Canes play from now until the championship series will be win-or-go-home, and tomorrow's is no exception. I say the Canes beat the 40-23-2 Cardinal, though not if they don't get their closer's mind right. After all, remember what Stanford did in the 9th versus FSU last week.


ASponge said...

This do-or-die predicament is very stressful, but it also makes the games more riveting.

It had to feel nice to knock off FSU.

E.J. said...

I tried to be classy and not gloat.

But boyyy did I feel like it :: malicious laughter ::