Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jacque Jones Experiment? Done.

Well that was fast. Not only is Jacque Jones removed from the CF platoon, but the major league roster.

It's pretty surprising that the Marlins would give up on him so quickly, but what did he show for himself? Nothing. If he makes it through to AAA, I'm sure the Marlins will be watching him closely for a turnaround. At age 33, though, this could be the end of the road for Frere Jacque.

Replacing him on the roster will be South Florida Fan favorite, Robert Andino, aka The Great Andino. Will he actually get to play this time? He batted a respectable .255/.379/.418 (AVG/OBP/SLG) in AAA Albuquerque, flashing his usual great defense. With the Marlins carrying 13 pitchers now instead of 12, odds are Andino will get a PH appearance in half the games. The PH order should be Helms-Amezaga-Andino-Rabelo, so expect to see him in some 5th/6th inning ABs or late in the games, should Helms and Amezaga already be employed.


Scott McLean said...

I forgot all about Jacque. Wasn't he with the Twins years ago? I can't remember.

ASponge said...

Yeah, he played for the Twins from 1999-2005. He then went to the Cubs from 06-07, and then the Tigers and Marlins in '08.

He's been just awful this year.

Jay Warman said...

Andino wasn't doing so good in AAA. I was kinda hoping for Old Man Wood to come back.

Asadler said...

Don't be surprised if Andino is sent back down for somebody like McPherson now with interleague play coming up.