Friday, June 13, 2008

Peter DeBoer

Peter DeBoer:
Current Winning Percentage: 67%
Number of Years in hockey: 21 years
Number of Years as head coach: 13 years
Number of Winning seasons: 12
Number of Years in NHL: 0
Number of Championships: 2(OHL)

Some early encouraging numbers of the Florida Panthers new head coach. To me, we could have done a lot worse with another emotionless guy like Andre Savard. I've heard that DeBoer is not afraid to yell at his team after a bad performance, and that he gets through mostly with younger players. That's exactly what the Panthers are made up of. I'm far from sold on the guy, but I'm certainly ready to give him a chance to prove his 12 of 13 winning seasons in the OHL were no abberation.


FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Now its FA time and Draft time. I hope they improve this team big time. Cut the fat (stump, pelt)

Imber said...

Agreed. It's a big month here.