Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marlins Lucky to Have Jacobs

As the Marlins attempt to bounce back today from their most embarrassing loss of the season, I think we, the depressed fans of the slumping Fish, should look on the bright side of things.

The Marlins have Mike Jacobs: The best .240 hitter in the National League.

Where else can you find a guy like this but on the 2008 Marlins?

Jacobs plays consistent defense (well, consistently awful, but hey consistency is consistency, lets not be picky).

He hits big home runs (for instance he got the Marlins on the board last night vs those devilish Rays. So what if we were down 15-0 when we did it?)

He hits for a high average. (Um, higher than Nick Swisher and Adrian Beltre! How 'bout that?)

Jacobs gets more value per hit than anybody except maybe Cody Ross. Jake has 55 hits, 18 of them homers, with 57 strikeouts and a robust .270 OBP.

In all seriousness, I'd rather have Jake at the plate more than any other .240 hitter except Oakland's Jack Cust. Almost nobody hitting around .240 can rake like Jake. I realize he isn't the player we saw pre-annual injury, but he is really this bad? Is Jorge Cantu really THAT much better defensively than Jacobs?

This Citrus Series is really putting me in a bad mood. Rant over.


Loft said...

Now that hammer is back, can Luis play first?

Christian said...

i hope that yesterday's defeat can serve as somewhat of a wakeup call for this team...even a sweep by the rays should ignite a switch...or they might just fall off the face of the earth hehe...hopefully the first option lol

Squathole said...

I think the team you saw yesterday is the team everybody expected to see everyday the whole season. Actually, I think you'll be seeing it more and more.