Monday, June 23, 2008

Rose or Beasley? Hmmm.

I've given this more and more thought over the last few days, and I've come to only one conclusion:

They're both about even. How's that for taking a stand! I know somewhere in our readership, an AP English teacher is thinking: "When you make a persuasive argument, pick a side!" Yes, yes, I know. And yet, I'm hopelessly straddling the fence. They have a number of pros and cons, and it just seems to break out evenly right now. Before the draft takes place, though, I promise to endorse one.

I should add, however, that in their evenness, they both dwarf O.J. Mayo in my estimation. I don't want the Heat to trade the pick, and I certainly don't want them taking Mayo. There, that's a stand!

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E.J. said...

I consider them even as well, with Rose probably being the better fit for our current team composition and the (Spoelstra) style of play.

That said, Beasley is good enough that, if he is the pick, the Heat is OBLIGATED to make him fit. He, like Rose, is a rare and superstar-caliber talent.