Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ESPN's Chad Ford Thinks Mayo to Miami Likely

According to ESPN's Chad "Take Anything I Say With A Grain Of Salt" Ford, the Heat are in discussions with a number of teams to trade the #2 pick away and want to draft USC's O.J. Mayo or Arizona's Jerryd Bayless (and get additional assets from the team they make the trade deal with). Sources even supposedly told Ford that Mayo has been notified that even if the Heat cannot find a suitable trade offer, the Heat would strongly consider drafting him outright at #2.

I honestly don't know why Riley is so put off by Michael Beasley. I have heard that he can be a "prankster". Well, here are only a couple of facts involving Mayo: (1) His senior year of high school he was ejected for allegedly making physical contact with a referee and (2) He was accepting payments from a sports agency to go to USC and leave after his freshman season. How is Beasley any worse, Pat?

I get the feeling that if we don't take Beasley, it will be for stupid reasons and we'll be watching him tear it up for some other team for years to come, and feel a similar lingering pang of regret that the Blazers felt and continue to feel for having picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in 1984.

Take a deep breath, Pat. Beasley is not so bad, and if he likes to have too much fun, just discipline him. But don't pass up a potential scoring and rebounding machine that could be a dominant superstar in the league for a dozen years.

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The Dude said...

Ugh... what the hell is up Riley's ass that he has this infatuation with Mayo? I'm all for taking the kid, but not at No. 2 and not when Beasley is still there. If we trade the pick, fine. But it better be to LA for Elton Brand and their pick (I'm not as excited about the Memphis trade rumor).

But if we can't deal out of the 2 spot, there is no earthly reason not to take B-Easy. C'mon Pat, don't foul this up!!!!