Friday, June 27, 2008

Heat Draft an A+

Yes, the Heat's performance in last night's draft merited an A+ from TSFF favorite/non-favorite Chad Ford. He pretty much fluctuates in our esteem.

Here were his words:

"I hate to break it to what looked like a very sober, perhaps disappointed Pat Riley, but the Heat won this draft. They walked away with arguably the best player in the draft and then got a second-round steal at point guard, a position at which Miami really needed help.

Beasley has a chance to be a superstar. With him and Dwyane Wade, the Heat have a terrific future. On top of that, Miami got a player at No. 34 who I had ranked as a potential mid-first-round pick. Chalmers is perfect for Riley: He is tough, plays defense, can shoot the lights out and is a winner. Once the Heat find a way to trade Shawn Marion, they'll be in great shape to make a big run at a young free agent next summer.

And according to John Hollinger's statistical formula, Jackson is one the biggest sleepers in the draft."

Right on, Chad Ford! I completely agree with him. I am THRILLED with this draft. I never imagined getting Mario Chalmers, and if Darnell Jackson materializes into something, watch out. The Heat should be a playoff team next year, and I personally can't wait to watch them in action.

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E.J. said...

Excellent analysis by Ford, and I couldn't agree more.

One point of correction, however...His piece is a tad out of date - Darnell Jackson was traded to Cleveland for the Cavs 2nd round pick in 2009.