Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marlins Fall Again

The Rays are making fish stew of their in-state rivals, especially when it comes to the Marlins offense. Ever since Dan Uggla launched that walkoff grand slam, the Marlins offense has been incredibly anemic. Every AB has been uninspiring, with few runs to show for it. This has to change or the season could be over soon.

Yesterday, it was Matt Garza who did his best Jamie Moyer impression. He silenced the Fish to just one run, leading the Rays to an easy victory. The Marlins just never seemed in the game. No HRs, poor execution...where is that potent offense?

So far, the Rays look like a legitimate contender. The Marlins? Rotten fish.

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Jay Warman said...

We gotta stop with the drama during these little dry spells. Just because the Marlins ran into Moyer (their nemesis), Sonnanstine and Garza (good young pitchers), doesn't mean our offense is anemic and our Fish are rotten.