Friday, June 13, 2008

Jorge Can-too, Maybe.

As a poster on wrote, "When it comes to hitting, Jorge Can-tu. When it comes to fielding, eh, not so much." But, with the hitting performances that Jorge has been putting in lately, I'll take a fielding blunder or 2. He is the main reason we won Wednesday night's game, and has been the Fish's hottest hitter these past few games. I know Cabrera has had an out of character season so far, so I WILL sound like a jackass here, but Cantu has not exactly been a downgrade.

Cantu will never have the acting prowess that Cabrera had in the legendary "Ana Hata Ghe Dudy Dalaz Uf Ju Ceengala Beel" Commercial. (Translation: I know how to get thirty dollars off your Cingular bill.) And there is no doubt in my mind that Cantu will never have that spot in South Fla. hearts that Cabrera will always maintain. But stat-wise, I'm kind of liking this Cantu guy.

Cantu's stats: .291/.341 (Avg/OBP) 14 HR, 39 RBI
Cabrera's stats: .278/.354 (Avg/OBP) 9 HR, 39 RBI

I'll take Cantu's 5 extra homers over the .013 extra OBP points that Cabrera claims, any day of the week. And as much as we complain about Cantu's fielding, remember how slow Cabrera was on the hot corner. Cantu has a .915 fielding percentage, compared to Cabrera's .900. (I understand that there is no uniquely good stat for fielding, so i figured I would just throw that one out there.)

I'm not gonna blind myself, however, I am pretty aware that by the end of the year Cabrera's numbers will make Cantu look like Reggie Abercrombie (Aren't you proud I found a way to reference him into any one of my posts?). But I will enjoy Cantu's ride so far, and as Miggy said in that commercial, "Adelante!"

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