Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Will the Heat Do?

I don't know. Seriously, I don't know, and apparently neither does anyone outside of Pat Riley. The prevailing report today is (and this comes from several papers) that...nobody knows what Riley will do!

So let's step inside Riley's head for a moment. He's relishing all the attention, and he sees this as an opportunity to make gold out of what previously appeared a dismal situation.

I think he REALLY wants Elton Brand, but I'm guessing against the deal happening. Will he pass on Beasley and take O.J. Mayo? I say no. When all is said and done, I suspect the Heat will follow form and take Michael Beasley (unless Derrick Rose is available, of course).

NOTE: The Heat are not done if they take Beasley. In fact, they would probably take him and trade him if a trade is to be done, so don't flip off the television.

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E.J. said...

The next 5.5 hours CANNOT GO BY FAST ENOUGH! I wish there was some acceptable way to leave work for no reason and take a prolonged nap until Draft time arrives. As it is, I'm a useless basket(ball) case, going through the motions but my heart and head definitely reside somewhere else at this point.

If that wasn't sad enough, is it normal to be clicking refresh on and the Sun Sentinal and Herald websites a few times an hour for ANY breaking news?

I'll stop typing while I still have some dignity left.