Friday, June 20, 2008

More on the New Guys just released these quotes about the trade...

Jacques Martin: "I really felt we needed to improve our defense... I feel Keith Ballard is a No. 2 defenseman. He’s a tough player to play against, a real shutdown defenseman who can move the puck. He has good speed, a lot of grittiness, and he’s physical. Nick Boynton is another who can play on our top four. He’s a first-round pick, and (head coach) Peter (DeBoer) coached him in the World Championships."

Darren Pang (analyst for the Coyotes and Versus): “Keith Ballard is a very competitive kid; incredibly passionate... He skates like every shift is his last shift... Keith came out of college (University of Minnesota) as an offensive defenseman. I think if you give him the green light, he can go. Boynton is defensive minded. He keeps the game simple, but you could have Ballard and Boynton as you’re two shutdown guys."

If there's one thing the Panthers have been accused of in the past, it's laziness. What Panger said sounds like something the Panthers need desperately. Bringing in Wade Belak towards the end of last season started the change in mindset. These two D-men coming in looks like another step in the right direction.

Later in the same interview, Martin went on to say that he expects big things from prospects Matthias and Frolik. He also hinted at going out to find "more production, as well as other people." Just how much are the Cats willing to spend for that production? Hmmm...

Now I know the "Killer B's" of the Houston Astros are gone, so can we bring it back? Bouwmeester, Boynton, and Ballard? The B's on D? B's on the blueline? Someone help me out with this.

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ASponge said...

I definitely like the idea of the Killer B's. Maybe the B Killers since they kill any rallies or something, lol.

How about B Liners!