Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dolphins QB Battle a Three-for-all

According to various reports from Dolphins sources, the blogosphere, and other insiders, the Dolphins QB battle is looking pretty competitive right now.

The good news: John Beck, Josh McCown, and Chad Henne have all looked good so far. Whether this is more representative of a weak secondary than their skill remains to be seen, but this has to be encouraging.

The bad news: Why is Josh McCown in the running at all? I don't care how good he looks in training camp. He's absolutely, certifiably, unquestionably NOT THE ANSWER at QB beyond being a steady backup. At least there's hope with Beck and Henne that they could actually become a franchise QB.

It has also been rumored that Chris Simms could become a Dolphin, if he gets released by the Bucs. I'm not really buying that story, simply because there would be no place to put him. People say Parcells likes Simms, though, so we'll see.

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