Friday, June 27, 2008

Nolasco a Pleasure to Watch

I just got back from the Marlins game, which I begrudgingly attended after four straight gruesome losses. Then I remembered Ricky Nolasco was on the mound...perfect!

For whatever reason, the Marlins seem to play well against the Nationals, Brewers, and Diamondbacks, while sucking against the Reds and Rays. Go figure. Fortunately, the Diamondbacks are in town, so this means wins over Owings, Webb, and Haren again?

So far, the Fish are 1 for 3. Tonight's win was not only wonderful in that it stopped the bleeding, but it was truly a quality win. Nolasco was superb, baffling hitters with alternating speeds and pinpoint control. He went 8 innings, surrendering only 1 run.

Yes, the Marlins have been sliding, but 41-38 is still pretty good. The better news? The Phillies are still just 1 game ahead.


Jay Warman said...

Ricky is turning into the stopper/ace of this staff.

More good news: that was our first 4 game losing streak of the season.

Still more: Josh Johnson is coming! (Who gets kicked out of the rotation? Tucker or Hendrickson?)

ASponge said...

I think it will be Tucker, but I hope Hendrickson.