Monday, June 30, 2008

What's Next for the Heat

If you have been a Heat fan long enough, or have followed Pat Riley long enough, you would know that Pat Riley does not like to go through re-building phases. Miami is just not the place to spend seasons rebuilding (ask the Florida Marlins and their fluctuating attendance rates). That is why there was all this trade talk surrounding Michael Beasley. He wanted to plug all the holes in the Heat lineup instead of just one, as well as open up some cap room. This guy knows what he’s doing. Can anyone remember the last time the Miami Heat kept a 2nd round pick around? Not me. So giving away two 2nd round picks for Mario Chalmers was gold, as Chalmers was projected to go mid-first round. Mario Chalmers was a huge addition at the point guard position, but with Jason Williams hitting the free agency and Marcus Banks never proving to be a legitimate contributor off the bench, expect Riley back in the office the morning after the draft.

As far as the amount of all-stars and absolute studs available in this year’s Free Agency, 2008 is awful, but there are some helpful additions out there. There has been speculation surrounding Beno Udrih, starting point guard for the Sacramento Kings. Problem with that is that Riley has never been a fan of international players. Raymond Felton’s name is starting to surface as the Charlotte Bobcats drafted D.J. Augustin in the top 10, maybe indicating future plans to move Felton. Kirk Hinrich is also in the mix as the Chicago Bulls now have Derrick Rose, but a deal with them might have to be much bigger then Riley would hope for.

At of pure speculation, keep an eye on what Joe Dumars does with Chauncey Billups. It is clear Dumars wants to shake up with the team with the repeated results they’ve been getting in the playoffs with the same team, except older each year. There was talk of a Baron Davis trade with Chauncey Billups that also involved Rasheed Wallace, but Dumars is just getting started. Billups name has come up before with the Heat and don’t be surprised if his name comes up in a trade rumor soon.

Baron Davis also looks like he’s on the trading block. Jannero Pargo and Chris Duhon are both unrestricted free agents that could split time with Chalmers easily at the point. Jarvis Hayes, Mickael Pietrus, or Maurice Evans are currently free agents who would also be nice additions coming off the bench.

Once Riley can free up some cap space, watch the master at his best. Easier said then done however (Thanks Mark Blount). Riley wants to be in the playoffs next year. There will be new players coming in, and they will make sense, maybe not immediately, but eventually (Antoine Walker during the regular season, and then in the playoffs during the championship run. Tag Gary Payton in that sentence too.)

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