Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marlins SOOO Dependent on Long Ball

I've certainly enjoyed the Marlins-Rays game so far today. The Marlins currently lead 6-2 through seven innings (if that changes significantly by the time you read this article, feel free to ignore the following).

We've focused a lot on the Marlins' lack of execution. Simply put, the Marlins hit nothing but homers. How did they get their six runs today? Two three-run bombs, from Wes Helms (a beautiful AB) and Mike Jacobs respectively.

Mike Jacobs is the prototype of the Marlins player. His average is dipping south of the .250 line, and yet he has 16 HRs. When he's at the plate, I think HR or bust, every time. At some point, he's going to have to think about shortening his swing a little bit.

The long ball can be an excellent source of run production, and it's been rumored that chicks dig it (anyone know Mike Jacobs? can he validate that?). The problem is, the Marlins offense goes nowhere when they aren't hitting balls out of the park. They went homerless for three straight games, and to nobody's surprise, they lost all three of them.

It's never a good idea to live or die by's time to start finding other ways to score. Chicks may dig the long ball, but they like a little foreplay too!


Asadler said...

This is more than true, you would think our lineup is made up of Jacobs and Cody Ross 1-9 looking at our HR/total runs percentage.

But, as Matt Treanor has proven, chicks also dig the groundball.

ASponge said...

At least hot stars on the beach volleyball circuit...

It's hard not to like Treanor.