Monday, June 16, 2008

Wade Will Play in Olympics

Since we're on the topic of Dwyane Wade, I figured I'd give you a quick bit on his Olympic hopes. It seems all but certain he'll be in Beijing come August for the 2008 Summer Olympics. While some might criticize his commitment to the Heat, I beg concerned fans to give it a rest. Have some pride in your country, just like Wade does!

What will Wade's role be? Chris Sheridan says he'll be the sixth man, which I have no problem with.

Here's the projected starting lineup:

PG - Jason Kidd
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lebron James
PF - Carmelo Anthony
C - Dwight Howard

And the bit on Wade:

"Colangelo visited him last week in Chicago, where Wade has been working out with trainer Tim Grover.

'I liked what I saw physically, though his timing is still a little off, but by July 20 he'll be fine. I also think his focus is back where it needs to be,' Colangelo said. Wade will come off the bench as the sixth man."

Keep in mind, Wade was often employed as the sixth man in the 2006 World Championships too. It will ultimately lead to more opportunities, because he'll be the leading scorer/boost of the second wave. He's likely to get as much playing time as the starters, perhaps playing in the closing moments as well. Even if he doesn't, remember that he's coming off an injury, so limited minutes could be a good thing.


Christian said...

I like that lineup, and especially with wade and others on the bench, I think we could regain world dominance once again this olympics ;)

ASponge said...

I think so too. And you have to wonder...does it really help to have Wade on the floor with all those other scorers?

He can best be used as the #1 option with the second group. Let Chris Paul set him up for a ton of points. They had good chemistry last time.

E.J. said...

Let me third that motion - USA Basketball regains its rightful place atop the basketball world this summer. I think we have assembled the most talented group of premier players in their prime since Dream Tream II.