Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts on Celtics Castration of Lakers

The Los Angeles Eunuchs lost last night in Gm. 6 of the NBA Finals to the hungrier and more experienced Boston Celtics, continuing New England's charmed sports existence. It was super exciting to watch, until the 2nd quarter, when the Lakers in unprecedented fashion began literally packing their bags to head back to LA on national television.

I cannot name a single Boston player that underperformed. It was that rarest of occasions in sport where an entire team seems to be playing in "the zone", and is simply incapable of doing anything wrong. I would say, "Player X led the way today with...", but I can't. To post such a shellacking in the championship clincher, you need the consummate complete team effort, which is why the Celts are hoisting a 17th championship banner to their rafters this year.

The Lakers, meanwhile, allowed themselves to get rattled early, and were too young and dumb to recover from large deficits in the same fashion that the Celtics did in Gms. 4 and 5. When Kobe Bryant's surrounding cast proved inept to the task of keeping LA in the game, it put more pressure on Kobe to shoulder the burden, and the Celtics, in true shark-like fashion, smelled the blood in the water and honed in on Kobe defensively, forcing him again to a miserable shooting night. It was clear all throughout this series which team had the better horses, the better poise, and, if only for this series, the better coaching.

Some other observations:

* Have you ever seen a team have more fun in a championship game setting than the Celts last night? The game had the feel of an all-star game, with half court sets being optional if not obsolete completely, along with myriad highlight reel plays and smiles aplenty from the men in green.

* How good are the Celtics role players? Boston displayed its superior depth throughout the series, and could not have reached this point without the likes of James Posey, Eddie House, P.J. Brown (all former Heat players), Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, and Sam Cassell.

* I think Rajon Rondo just pick-pocketed another Lakers player.

* Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom played a Charmin-soft NBA Finals.

* How great was KG's emotion after the game - kissing the midcourt logo, screaming to the heavens, bumbling through a post-game interview, and hitting on Michelle Tafoya to boot.

* I'm happy for Celtics fans, but not necessarily New Englanders, who have been spoiled like no other region for the last several years now. Make way for the resurgence of South Florida! One can dream...


ASponge said...

I don't know how a piece of this brilliance went uncommented for so long.

One of the finest works in TSFF history (not sure if that says anything, lol).

Excellent play on castration...I think the whole Lakers franchise will be joining the Vienna Boy's Choir soon.

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E.J. said...

High praise, Asponge, high and undeserved praise, indeed.