Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's Something About Hanley

This post isn't solely about the Marlin's superstar, Hanley Ramirez, I personally just wanted a clever name. Because with this 2008 Florida Marlins team, theres more, theres something, and words can't properly describe it. These particular Fish have an extra spark, a sense of relentlessness a group of "young, inexperienced players" should not have. It's not just Hanley Ramirez, Andrew Miller, or the almighty Dan Cooley Uggla. This whole team is in way over their heads, but is it possible that these fish float in water?

Is it meant to be? I mean, since when does Robert Andino have the right to hit a walk-off homer. Or since when does Mike Jacobs have the right to speak up against the world(specifically the media). And can you please explain to me how a team without 3 of their top pitchers and the guy that has had the highest OBP on the team, can possibly be 7 games over .500.

There is one answer, using a quote from an aforementioned 2nd baseman,(hint: his name is Daaaaannn Ugglaaa),"We know we have talent." So while the rest of the world underappreciates this Florida Marlin team, they know they're better. So go on, underestimate the fish, just try to stay afloat.

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ASponge said...

I like the optimism, asadler. Throughout the season, we've all been in a state of bewilderment, watching this team mature and excel.

We may be the most hopeful blog out there, but that's why we're called The South Florida FAN, hehe.