Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marlins and Phillies in Freefall Mode

I've been observing the struggling Mets and Braves with considerable trepidation all season, and it's now getting more frightening. The only team playing worse than the Marlins right now? The NL East-leading Phillies.

Yes, the Marlins have caught a break, still trailing the division by just 1 game. Still, this is no recipe for long-term success, especially when you lose games by walking in 2 runs like last night (AWFUL!).

The Mets and Braves are right back in it, and the Brewers now join the Cardinals as Wild Card teams ahead of the Fish. Simply put, it's time to start winning. The Phillies won't lose forever, and neither will the Mets and/or Braves.

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Stanley C. said...

Watch out for the Braves. The Mets have had a horrid start, and I don't see them recovering, especially after losing 2 in a row to the woeful mariners, @ home! The East should be a tight race right through september, should be a fun watch!