Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Was His Name Again? DAN UGGLA!

Just when Phillies fans were gloating about how Chase Utley had pulled ahead again of Uggla in the NL second-baseman sweepstakes, that Uggla was in his return-to-Earth descent to normalcy, that he was a flash in the pan, incapable of sustaining success...well they've been proven wrong again.

If we've learned anything, it's that you should NEVER count out Dan Uggla, the player most deserving of the NL MVP award if it were handed out today. Here's a look at what's happening in his life of late:

1. Greg Cote openly campaigns for Uggla to get some All-Star votes. Please, EVERYONE GO VOTE 25 TIMES FOR DAN UGGLA (and throw in a nod for Hanley while you're at it).

2. As first reported on the radio, Dan Uggla will be featured in a Sports Illustrated piece. Wow.

3. Uggla now leads the Major Leagues in home runs with 23. Yes, that from a second baseman!

4. Uggla's defense continues to improve.

5. After hitting the game-tying HR off A's closer Huston Street Friday, Uggla launches a 3-run double the next day to win the game. Not only are his numbers astronomical, but they've been in clutch situations.

If you haven't given Dan Uggla his due yet, it's time to stop smoking the Philly crack and wake up.

Possible Adam Sandler sequel: You Don't Mess With The Uggla!

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Paul said...

Speaking as someone who lives in Philly, that Philly crack is indeed really strong. It's so strong that it often blinds sports fans to realities they'd prefer to ignore, keeping them in a state of blissful ignorance.

Just a couple notes of comparison: Utley OPS .980, Uggla OPS 1.025; Utley HR 22, Uggla 23; Utley Doubles 18, Uggla 24, Utley Avg. .291, Uggla .296. That's one thing that's overlooked about Uggla, considering his HR total, is that he's hitting almost .300, which is quite a bit higher then his typical year. Keep those All-Star votes coming!