Monday, June 23, 2008

Heat Trade Thoughts, Possibilities, Rumors, Speculation

I've stated in previous posts how I want the Heat to keep the 2nd overall pick and take the remainder of Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley. That still applies, except for one slight alteration: if the Heat can package Marion with the pick for a legitimate superstar, then it's something to consider. There are also some offers too good to pass up.

Current rumors:

1. Dwyane Wade to the Bulls for the #1 pick and possibly Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Thebo Sefalosha. That's complete garbage, it's not happening, and I hope we never hear of it again.

2. The Grizzlies may want to deal Mike Conley and the 5th pick for the 2nd pick, as they're known to covet Beasley. This falls into the "too good to pass up category." Imagine having Conley-Wade-5th pick-Marion-Haslem. That's not only a good team, but a young one with considerable upside.

3. Shawn Marion/? for Elton Brand. I'm a big fan of this deal, but the Clippers probably won't go for it.

4. Shawn Marion/? for Lamar Odom/?. This could really happen, with the Heat likely getting something extra (Jordan Farmar maybe?). As much as I enjoyed Odom's 2004 season in Miami, I wouldn't make this move unless Odom comes coupled with something else.

Now take #3 and #4 and combine it with #2. How about this team?

Odom Trade:
PG Mike Conley/Jordan Farmar
SG Dwyane Wade
F Udonis Haslem
F Lamar Odom
C Alonzo Mourning

Brand Trade:
PG Mike Conley
SG Dwyane Wade
F Udonis Haslem
F Elton Brand
C Alonzo Mourning

Then add the 5th overall pick and improved versions of Dorell Wright and Daequan Cook. That's some talented athleticism right there.

And now for my own speculation. This is completely of my own design, based on no real evidence. Everyone got that?

Shawn Marion and the pick for Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith. The Nuggets want to break things up, 'Melo could use a new start, and Dwyane Wade would have a truly dominant scorer to tag-team with him. The Nuggets would then get Michael Beasley and an all-star (known for rebounding) in Shawn Marion to put with Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, and Nene. Am I crazy, or does that make sense?


Stanley C. said...

Here's my question. Admittedly, I am not someone you could consider a "follower" of the Heat, or the NBA at all for that matter. But how much can you really count on 'Zo to be your starting center? Is he really going to be able to contribute 35+ minutes a game for 82 games? Is there an option out there to bring in another big man? i.e. Noah or someone similar to help out? Interesting possibilities...

ASponge said...

My feeling is, even 20+ minutes from Zo would be fine. Nobody is expecting full starter minutes, but he could surely benefit the team by returning.