Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Real Picture

As Panther fans from all over South Florida wonder what will become of Olli Jokinen, new head coach Peter DeBoer, and the 2008-09 season, a larger problem once again looms., a Toronto based news website is reporting, "The union also agreed to form a committee to decide whether to opt out of its labour agreement next summer, two years before it's due to expire."

This means that the NHL may be stupid enough to be heading towards another lockout as soon as the 2009-10 season. It goes without saying that if this happens, the NHL is finished for good.

The truth is no matter how the Panthers do, I still love hockey. I go to between 20 and 30 games a season at the BankAtlantic Center, and it's the source of many dates for myself as well as outings with friends. The thought of hockey disappearing again is really more than I can take.

My ultimate goal in the next few years of my life is to make hockey popular again in South Florida. I hope to turn my internship with ESPN Radio into an eventual chance to get a show, in which my goal would be to start the first all NHL show in South Florida radio. I know it's a long shot, but I feel I can be the driving force behind a revitalization in hockey awareness in South Florida. The only hitch? Hockey needs to be around for me to have any chance of this.

If the Panthers miss the playoffs again next season I will be upset, but not as upset as I would be if the ice never freezes again for the following season.


Anonymous said...

I really, truly doubt there will be another lockout. Gary Bettman takes so much heat for already seemingly destroying the NHL, if another lockout happened on his watch it would be epicly moronic.

The league will go to great lengths to make sure they don't go through another lock out, they aren't idiots

Stanley C. said...

Hopefully this will lead to Bettman's firing sooner rather than later, and something long-term can be worked out before it comes to this.

I, too, have used Panthers (and Lightning games) as dates and outings. I've lost count as to how many games I've seen, both in the Miami Arena days to present. I'm 100% behind your NHL show, as long as I get to be a assistant producer, lol.

Imber said...

Haha you know I'll have you on Stanley.

ASponge said...

I'm definitely interested in being a guest on that show too...and I'll help you with your mission. I would love hockey to regain its steam.