Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little Euro 2008 Chatter

The semifinals are set in the Euro 2008 battle of wills. What an incredibly dramatic quarterfinal round, featuring three OT games and two penalty kick scenarios. Let's preview the upcoming matches:

Germany vs. Turkey - The Germans come in heavy favorites, with Ballack and Podolski both looking strong. Turkey just seems to defy the odds, though. They got here by shocking Croatia with a game-tying goal in the final minute of 2OT, then winning in penalties. I doubt Germany ever thought they'd be playing the Turks...still, they'll be prepared.

Prediction: Germany 2, Turkey 0

Russia vs. Spain - Russia joins Turkey as the other unlikely semifinalist. Apparently, their placement over England in the qualifying rounds was no fluke. Spain has showed the strongest in the tournament so far, but will their history of chokes and disappointments catch up to them? They JUST snuck by Italy in a scoreless penalty bout, even though they dominated the run of play (Italy's notorious defense lived up to its billing). I say this is the year Spain performs up to snuff.

Prediction: Spain 2, Russia 1

More interestingly, which side does South Florida support? Based on the large Spanish population and common Miami-Madrid flight routes, I'll go with Spain. I'm pulling for them too.

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Stanley C. said...

Bluhe in Glanze dieses Gluekes, Bluhe Deutsches Vaterland!


One of the key factors in the first semi game, Germany v. Turkey, is that the Turks will have a hard time putting a quality team on the field. 3 players will be suspended because of yellow cards, at least 3 or 4 starters are out with injury. UEFA is considering meeting with the Turks on this matter and allowing them to call someone up.

Spain sailed through their qualifying round and survived the penalties against Italy. Italy never really committed to attack at all during the entire game, so they got what they wanted in the shootout, and they got what they deserved for their boring, awful style of play that was so successful in world cup '06.

Final prediction: Germany 3 - Spain 1.

Deutschland vor, noch ein Tor!