Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger vs. Rocco Thread

Note: In addition to our commentary, make sure to read Rick from the South Florida Daily Blog's commentary here.

WE NOW GO TO SUDDEN DEATH! Odds have to be with Tiger, especially since he tied the match on 18. Still, I have a gut feeling about Rocco. He's already showed tremendous poise. Can he, once again, recover from the crushing disappointment of near-victory?

Rocco gets killed by a bad drive into the bunker. That led to a second shot left, a chip 20 feet from the cup, and a missed par. Tiger executed steadily, tapping in for an easy par. Tiger wins!

My heart just goes out to Rocco Mediate. He seems to be taking this extremely well, but I feel for him. Let's hope he can use this as momentum for the next round of tournaments.

Around 4:00PM:
We're on 18...Tiger's on the green while Rocco is still hitting from the fairway. Intense, intense, intense!

Both on the green, but Tiger has a stroke at hand. It's essentially even. I can hardly breathe.

Tiger gains the stroke, but Rocco stays alive with a clutch putt! We go to sudden death!!!

Two holes to go...Tiger ALMOST made a phenomenal JUST stopped a millimeter from the cup.
Status: Rocco by 1, Through 16

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, WATCH THESE LAST THREE HOLES! Rocco Mediate sinks a brilliant birdie putt while Tiger misses an easier one. Rocco has gained 4 strokes in the last 5 holes and is 3 holes away from pulling off one of the great golf upsets. WOW!

Interestingly, the preempted programming on NBC, at least here, is Dr. Phil. Rocco Mediate could really use a few calming words from him now. They should fly him out to the course.
Status: Rocco by 1, Through 15

We're allllll even. For the first time, Tiger has one of his putts lip out. This while Rocco birdies. Could this be Rocco's day? They both birdied the 13th and now we're even at 14. What a match!
Status: Even, Through 14

Tiger bogeys again while Rocco just manages par. We're back to 1.

The fact is, Tiger is not playing well. He's winning because he slipped in two sensational putts, but his driving and short game has been incredibly shaky. Rocco is still in this thing not through any great play on his part but Tiger's failings. Rocco is +3, Tiger +2 on the day. It's a tough course, but Tiger can do better.
Status: Tiger by 1, Through 12

Huge break for Rocco. He isn't able to convert on a birdie putt, but Tiger misses from the green for once. Tiger won't give too many bogey assists, so Rocco is going to have to start making birdies. Still, this puts him back in the fight.
Status: Tiger by 2, Through 11

Things have taken a terrible turn for Rocco Mediate. He appeared to have the advantage on both the 9th and 10th, yet somehow lost a stroke on each hole. Tiger cinched an amazing putt from beyond the edge of the green on 10. With a three stroke lead, the Rocco dream story is looking grim.
Status: Tiger by 3, Through 10

Tiger Woods is the prohibitive favorite and currently leads by a stroke through 8 holes. Woods led by two shots through 7, but Rocco showed some impressive poise by striking back on the 8th.

I'll admit it...I'm pulling for Rocco. It's nothing against Tiger, but who doesn't love the underdog story? This would mean far more for Rocco than Tiger. Even so, I'd hardly be disappointed in a worthy champion taking yet another trophy.
Status: Tiger by 1, Through 8

I'll be sharing a few comments throughout the remainder of the epic US Open playoff battle between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate. Please feel free to share your own insights in the comment section.


E.J. said...

Instant classic.

E.J. said...

Tiger wins! A gutsy, legendary, quitessentially Tiger (i.e-dramatic, gripping, jaw-dropping) victory.

ASponge said...

I know. Poor Rocco...he was just so close.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...


FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Anyone catch the press conference for Deboer?

Not one reporter asked what style of hockey he coaches, so i have no idea if its D or O.

E.J. said...

Rocco's earned my respect, that's for sure. Tiger, on the other hand, is just four away from Nicklaus. Just absurd how good Woods is. Hobbled or not makes absolutely no difference to him in winning yet another major.

ASponge said...

Great catch, FloridaPanthers4Ever. Sounds like good material for a post even:)

Loft said...

Well in the initial press release it says he expects quick skaters and aggressive play... I would take that to mean he's an offense guy.

ASponge said...

It looks like Loft made an even better catch.

Although quickness and aggression can be associated with defense too, I also figure it's an offensive-minded strategy. If that's the case, I'm happy about it.