Monday, June 23, 2008

Crap Crap Crap Just Take Beasley and Go Home

After reading about and listening to all the rumors about the NBA draft and possible trades. I think the Joker had it right.

I've watched all the Heat players who played with effort and heart. It's time to go get some big time talent. Who beat Kansas with no help. Who went for 40 plus 5 times. Beasley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My biggest fear is that the Bulls figure this out before Thursday. Lets look at the Heat after picking Beasley




The center that isn't starting and Haslem backing up at the 4

You can't fix all the problems of the world or an NBA team overnight. Use the 5 million exemption to find a point guard (Portland and Memphis have 3 each) and see how this roster looks in January. I think Marion fits well with Beasley because he can guard the other teams best scoring forward on defense and doesn't need the ball on offense.

Try playing a little defense this year and if things need more work, Marion's expiring contract will have even more trade value then it does today.

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Anonymous said...

This post has an eerie similarity to those authored by FloridaPanthers4Ever.

37 exclamation points really aren't necessary to make an effective argument.

Oh, and you CAN fix an NBA team overnight. (see the 1998 Spurs)