Monday, June 30, 2008

What a GREAT Marlins Win

This has certainly been a roller coaster season for the Marlins. So many close games, many of them heartbreaking and many of them astonishingly wonderful. Yesterday's game fit the latter category, and boy did it ever.

The Marlins rallied back to win in the 9th, despite being without Dan Uggla (reports say until Thursday...we'll have more on that later today). Hanley finally started earning his $70 million, blasting a game-tying home run into left field. Then Hermida doubled, advanced on a wild pitch, and was singled in by Jorge Cantu. All this on a day where Dan Haren was throwing some truly dominant stuff.

The win puts the Marlins at 42-39 through the halfway point and on pace for an 84-78 record. They trail the Phillies by just 1 game in the division race.

And best of all, I LOVE rooting for this team. As Fish Stripes describes here, the Marlins engaged in an all-out celebration. You have to like this quote from Hanley: "It's more like school. It's more like family," Ramirez said. I don't know how serious Hanley was about his schooling, but it sounds like he enjoyed recess.

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