Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to Win in the NHL

Spend money.

Philly, from last to playoffs and eastern conference final
Tampa, from last to probably the favorite now in the SE division. They just got Roberts and Malone today. They are def not done since FA is coming up. These franchises know what they are doing.

The Panthers on the other hand have been "rebuilding" their youth through the draft and they rarely spend the money in FA. Why do you think they have the same year each and every season.

If they actually got some quality guys on this team and spent the money, this team would be at least 4th or 5th best in the East.

Cohen needs to sell or just give up.


Stanley C. said...

Roberts and Malone? Roberts is 42 years old, he only played 38 game last year. Malone is coming off of a career season, before that he's a -22 and -23. Malone is the definition of capitalizing in free agency after a hot year.

Spending money is a good start, but it hardly guarantees success. The Cup winning Red Wings are 18th in the league in salary, the Penguins were 25th. Teams like the Rangers and Bruins, who consistently rank among the highest in salary don't make much noise in the long run.

Money isn't always the answer, it's a good start, but its the role players and core guys you have more than the superstars. It's not the NBA, where you pay 3 guys millions of millions of dollars, pay the rest of the team minimum dollars, and they can bring you a title.

Imber said...

Tampa isn't even being smart. Notice that almost all their money is tied up in Lecavalier, St Louis, Prospal, Stamkos, and now possibly Malone and Roberts. Don't forget, this doesn't necessarily mean they will sign them. Also, Tampa has no defense. Don't count on them being a Philly. The Flyers also improved due to a physical style that shouldn't have worked in the new NHL. Florida just needs to sign a couple of decent scorers, and I really think our defense will do wonders to bang up the star studded, yet little opponents we have in the division.

Anonymous said...

Spend more money = win more games! Duh. You can solve any problem by throwing money at it. Just ask the Seattle Mariners.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Now the Lightning have the rights to Brian Rolston. I think they are committed to winning.

They will have two lines that are far more better than our top line.

Stanley C. said...

Should someone tell the Lightning that last season, they had 1 defenseman who had a plus rating? And their 2 goalies combined for 22 wins? Apparently despite the geographic similarity, the Lightning and Panthers are taking 2 very different approaches to next season. Looks like Tampa wants to try to win games 7-5 every night... should be interesting to see what Florida does with the free agency market opening up tomorrow.

Stanley C. said...
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Stanley C. said...

And just one more thought on the original topic posted... of the 6 division winners last season, only the Minnesota Wild were in the top 10 in salary paid... they were #10.

The southeast division winning Washington Capitals had the lowest payroll of the 5 division teams, and #28 out of 30 teams. The division winning Sharks were #27.

5 of the top 10 didn't make the playoffs... it's not just about the money.

Imber said...

Definitely Stanley. Hockey is a game of chemistry, and a good system.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

I guess u guys are right. I mean I dont even know what the playoffs is ne more. I hope DeBoer brings this team up and makes them into a cup contender.