Saturday, June 21, 2008

Marlins Suffer Bitter Bitter Loss. Familiar?

There are now about five games that have played out similarly. They're all on the road, they all involve see-saw games that go into extra innings, and they usually include some kind of terrible play in the field.

Last night, the Marlins completely blew the game away. Hanley Ramirez and Luis Gonzalez both dropped extremely playable balls in the worst of situations. This, coming despite Dan Uggla's two home runs (one to tie the game), Jeremy Hermida's two-run blast, and a long ball from Hanley. Even Mark Hendrickson pitched moderately well. What a shame.

If the Marlins end up losing the division by 1 game, mark down 6/20/08 on your calendar. This was just brutal.


Stanley C. said...

You have to think, if the Marlins plan to make a serious run at the post season, they're going to eventually have to find ways to score other than depositing baseballs over the fence. You just can't count on home runs coming every game.

That being said, these kids and their power bats are stupid good. Keep it up.

Paul said...

Very tough loss for sure, and coming on a night where the Phillies lost makes it even worse.

On an unrelated note, Greg Cote's blog has a great post urging people to vote for Uggla for the All-Star game. The fact that he's having such a great season and is only 4th in the voting really pisses me off, so I've e-mailed everyone I know to try to get them to vote 25 times for Uggla, and I would urge everyone who reads this blog to do the same.

ASponge said...

Great comment Paul. I'll put up a post about it tonight. Thanks!