Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Still With Team Shaq, But Not His Rap

Earlier today, E.J. composed a well-crafted piece on why he has shifted from Team Shaq to Team Kobe. You can read his articulate verbiage here.

Lots of fuss (far too much) has been made over Shaq's freestyling escapades in a New York night club. Personally, I thought his rapping was awful, as usual, and I didn't take him seriously. I understand why E.J. and many others found it childish and idiotic, but I couldn't help cracking up.

And if we're really going back to the Shaq vs. Kobe debate, I think it's time to put Kobe in his place again. He deserves a lot of credit for playing through a pinky injury, leading the Lakers through the West, and restoring his image. That being said, he CHOKED in the Finals. He played like garbage, when even a decent performance by his standards could have tipped the scales.

What irks me is how Kobe and LeBron are referred to as "the best players in the game" when they've each crashed in the Finals of late. This, while Dwyane Wade put forth the finest performance in NBA Finals history. Wade didn't have the luxury of a good Shaq in the Heat's Finals run...in fact, Shaq stunk in that series.

For an enlightening take on the current status of Kobe, by the way, I strongly encourage you to read this wonderful piece from Phil Wallace of SoCal Sports Observed. If you haven't heard of Phil Wallace yet, you surely will. He's a rising star in the L.A. sports scene.


E.J. said...

Oh the rap was definitely funny. But it was typical pre- and post-Heat Shaq - completely devoid of class. Kobe has been man enough at least to let sitting dogs lie. Shaq, in very sophomoric fashion, felt compelled to re-open a dormant drama.

You'll get no argument from me that Kobe didn't play well in the Finals, but I think a lot of credit needs to be given to the Celtics, who exposed his supporting cast in a way no other team had, forcing Kobe to shoulder more of the burden which, if Kobe were a true floor general, he could have shouldered better.

Loft said...

I will absolutely never be on Shaq's side again after he ripped the heat after he left. Ever. I can buy ripping on Ricky Davis, everyone does... but Chris Quinn?? AND Ron Culp!??!?!

That's a joke, screw Shaq