Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spain vs. Russia at 2:30 EST

It's an extraordinarily busy day in the South Florida sports scene. The Marlins are currently playing (and losing), the NBA Draft is tonight, and there are rumors swirling everywhere.

If you want a welcome distraction, I strongly encourage you to give Spain vs. Russia a look today. The winner will battle Germany for the Euro 2008 Cup.

Spain comes in as the favorite, but the Russians have been awfully good. Spain also has a reputation for choking in big other words, don't count out the Russians.

Either way, we should have a great finals matchup. Germany vs. Spain would be a scintillating contest between giants (with some lingering resentment from the Spanish Civil War...see Orwell's Homage to Catalonia). Even better, how about the explosive history between Germany and Russia (do I need to go into details?) Take a break from NBA Draft talk and watch Spain take on Russia.


Stanley C. said...

...and if you missed yesterday's first semi-final game between Turkey and Germany, shame on you. a 3-2 game, with 3 goals scored in the final 15 minutes? Although much of the world was kept in the dark, literally, due to a power loss at the Austrian broadcasting HQ, the game itself was mesmerizing. Deutschland vor, noch ein Tor!!!

Anonymous said...

Euro Cup in what sport?

Stanley C. said... (soccer)