Friday, June 20, 2008

Marlins Infield Simply Unparalleled

I knew this Marlins infield was achieving some pretty significant numbers in the power department, but I had no idea it was of this magnitude.

As Fish Stripes brilliantly reports, the Marlins infield would set a Major League record as the first 1B-2B-SS-3B combo to all hit over 25 HRs in a season. This, from a team who plays in a pitcher's park, with a 3B scooped off the scrap heap in one of the toughest divisions. Take a deep breath and appreciate this.

Here's what Fish Stripes had to say:

"According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only six infield units ever -- none of them in the National League -- have had all four of its members smack as many as 20 home runs in one season.

The 1940 Boston Red Sox were the original. The 2005 Texas Rangers were the most recent and came closest to getting 25 home runs from each of their four infielders, with only shortstop Michael Young falling short at 24.

But the Marlins think they can carve out a new spot in the record books.


• Jacobs, the first baseman, has hit 17 home runs and is on track for 38.

• Uggla, the second baseman, has clubbed 21, which would give him a franchise-record 47 if he keeps it up.

• Ramirez, the shortstop, has knocked 15 out to put him on line for 33.

• Cantu, the third baseman, has 14 homers, a pace that would leave him with 31."

So in other words, the Marlins could actually have 30 HRs from all four infield positions. That's remarkable! The biggest threat to this happening is an injury risk. They could survive some scattered DL stints, but not a major injury.

We'll be tracking their home run totals much more closely now, as the Marlins pursue this spectacular record.


E.J. said...

The 2008 Marlins, no matter what else happens this year with pennants and playoffs, could be history-makers. Absolutely remarkable.

Frank A said...

Gotta love that there are probably 7 guys on this roster that, if healthy, and if they started the entire year (in Ross' case), could hit 30+ homers. They are, in my opinion:

Hanley, Uggla, Jacobs, Cantu, Hermida, Ross, Willingham

(Hermida hasn't really shown much there, so he has the most to prove, but you know he has the potential to his that many...)

That is UNHEARD OF. Can you name another lineup where 7 out of 8 non-pitcher's spots can hit 30+ bombs in a year? Keep in mind that you could play every single one of these players at the same time (no positional conflicts)..

I know, I know... "live and die by the homer"...

Who cares?? These guys can mash, and I love it!

ASponge said...

Very well said Frank A. Maybe it's more than just chicks who dig the long ball after all.

Loft said...

And the Marlins dependency on the homer may be their downfall. Because Jacobs and Cantu have to be out there to hit those homers, their horrendous gloves do too. In the end it may be the lack of defense that does them in