Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cody Ross WILL Get More Time

Did Fredi Gonzalez read our Cody Ross piece, advocating for Ross to play every day? Doubtful, but he does seem to be reaching the same conclusion, albeit in smaller steps.

As Fish Stripes reports today, Cody Ross will play more, though how much more is still ambiguous. Here is Craig's take:

"I know all of the players need to play some, because it is impossible to stay sharp or in the case of Jones, improve, when you're just taking batting and fielding practice. But Cody should be the everyday center fielder at this point in the season.

Let Jones work on his pinch hitting, something he may one day be good at. He isn't now, but he is veteran enough to figure it out. Let him start some Sundays here and there but the high majority of the time, let the Boss man center."

Nothing surprising about the fact that Craig and I agree. The only Marlins matter for which we expressed differences in public was over Hanley's lineup spot, and I eventually compromised towards his point of view. We may have also varied on whether Jason Wood should have been sent down in the first week...when it comes to Cody Ross, however, I couldn't possibly be more in acquiescence.

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