Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cody Ross Should Start EVERY GAME

What more does Cody Ross need to prove? Should he be forever maligned for suffering through a bad (and injury-plagued) April? He's the best CF option the Marlins have, BY FAR (yes, that includes Jacque Jones and Alfredo Amezaga), and there's no excuse for him sitting a day on the bench.

What he did last night, crushing a walkoff HR into right center field (do you realize how far that is) was not only an amazing feat, but it just might have saved the Marlins season. They needed yesterday's win as much as the franchise has ever craved victory, and they owe the W entirely to Cody Ross.

No more platoons. No more rest. Cody should play EVERY GAME.


Jay Warman said...

Your energy (and slight hyperbole) is right on line. CODY IS THE MAN!

I'll top you: He should start every game, including the All-Star Game!

Evan Goldman said...

This blogger was sitting in right-field expecting some Griffey-esque drama. What actually came t'was much better. In fact, the best ending I've seen in Dolphins Stadium.

You're right. Cody Ross should start every game. And perhaps be tapped to serve as Obama's running mate.

ASponge said...

Evan: You'll be pretty popular at for that comment.

I'm putting up your Logan Kensing piece in about an hour.

E.J. said...

Add another passenger on the Cody Ross Express.