Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time to Start Thinking Wild Card

Don't mistake the title of this post...I'm not in any way advocating that the NL East Division race is over. The Phillies do happen to be on a monstrous tear, separating themselves from the pack (3.5 ahead of the Fish), but their fortunes will turn.

Rather, I just want to alert our readers to the prospect of the Wild Card. It's not so disappointing really, when you consider the Marlins have won two World Series from that position. It's very much within reach, and it could serve as an excellent consolation. Here are the current Wild Card standings:

St. Louis 38-27
Florida 34-28
Milwaukee 33-30
Houston 32-32
Atlanta 32-32

The Marlins sit 2.5 back of the Cardinals, but many believe St. Louis has been overperforming. I tend to fact, my concern rests with the Braves. This is something we'll be monitoring closely from now on.

Note: The Rays have a comfortable lead in the AL Wild Card race, leading Oakland by 3 games. Could both Florida teams be Wild Cards?


Imber said...

I hate to say it but if St. Louis is "over performing" than what are the Marlins doing?

ASponge said...

Haha. Also overperforming...but the Marlins can keep it up!