Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OJ Mayo? Really Pat?

On May 20th, I sat in front of my television sweating like a pig, shaking, like I had just witnessed a murder. The truth is, I was watching some guy called Adam Silver pull out NBA team logos from an envelope. As the announcement of the top 3 picks arrived, I began praying to any higher power: Jehova, Jesus, Allah, Dwyane Wade, etc. When Silver announced that the Timberwolves were to pick 3rd in the NBA draft, it was finally over. Months of stressing ended in a final sigh of relief for me, we finally had it, the #2 pick.

At one point, this was the ultimate gift for the Miami Heat. It was easy, there were no worries about "Rose vs Beasley," one of them was going to fall to us. Let Chicago carry the burden of picking the ultimate superstar, and embrace the other. First we heard that the Bulls are going to choose Beasley, they already have a solid Point Guard, and Rose was going to be ours. Then we heard that they would pick Rose, we would end up with Beasley. A 19 year old who averaged 26/12 in his freshman year, cool, I can deal with that. So for days I basked in the beauty that were these rumors, until the inevitable turning point came.

Suddenly Chad Ford, an ESPN NBA "expert," began to throw "O.J. Mayo to the Heat" talk at us. Great, exactly what we need, an easily disgruntled, problem filled, shooting guard. Let me remind you Heat fans who tried to forget that Miami had a basketball team after last year's disaster. Dwyane Wade, remember him? Yeah, he's also a shooting guard. Anyways, Ford insisted that it is now a 3 man race between: Mayo, Beasley and Rose. Did I miss something, or did O.J. Mayo have some amazing preformance that boosted him in front of Beasley? Suddenly, questions arose regarding Beasley, as I sat in my chair with the urge to run to Bristol, Connecticut and introduce Chad Ford to the inside of my hand.

Then the reports began to come in "that O.J. and Dwyane Wade have been talking a lot and going out to dinner." As these rumors moved along, it has become more apparent that our star, Dwyane Wade, wants O.J. Mayo. If anybody can talk Pat Riley into making a decision, its the guy who has kept him relevant, "Flash" himself. All of these stories have come with those of "Rose to the Bulls." Now, could the heart of our team, D-Wade, be worried that with the addition of Beasley, his number of touches will decline? Is Dwyane that selfish? Let's hope not.
To be honest, I am too weak to handle all of this talk. I have begun fighting with myself.

-"Hey, when has Riley ever given away inside information on any of his decisions?"
-"Wait, isn't this the guy that wanted Chris Kaman over Dwyane Wade?"

So all we can do now is wait. Feverishly, uncomfortably wait. Why do I put myself through all this?


ASponge said...

Very nice inaugural post. I think we're all in agreement that we don't want Mayo...but sadly (as you pointed out), the decision doesn't rest with us.

DSponge said...

Good Stuff, ASadler. I'm with you on this one.