Friday, June 6, 2008

Nightmare Road Trip Over

In the movie Road Trip, four friends from Ithaca College embark on an eventful (and perhaps poorly-scripted, but fun) road trip. As is usual in movies like that, the more humiliating scenes dissolve into a happy ending, with plenty of comedy and cheers all around.

We can only hope the Marlins will be rewarded with the same fate, because the 3-7 road trip through New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta was plain awful. The laughs? I guess Cole Hamels getting rocked, Jamie Moyer's idiotic comment, Dan Uggla's child...let's just say they didn't stack up with the misery.

So the Marlins lost to their rivals on the road. Old news. With the comforts of home once more abound, it's time to find that happy ending...and no, I'm not referring to Breckin Meyer's post-Road Trip career.

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