Friday, June 6, 2008

Paul Pierce: Willis Reed-Like Legend or Academy Award Winner?

He was writhing in agony. There was speculation that the Celtics would have one person missing from the Boston Three Party for the duration of the Finals. And then he came out, to thunderous applause prompting a timeout by Phil Jackson. Paul Pierce then became unconscious, hitting key three after key three and propelling the Celts to a Game 1 victory over the Lakers.

But I ask you, the South Florida Fan - was the new classic Finals moment authentic sports legend, or shameless, phony theatrics?


ASponge said...

Dwyane Wade has been accused of similar theatrics and I've always defended would seem hypocritical to not afford the same to Pierce.

That being said, I'm preparing my stomach for the over-the-top Boston-biased reporting from people like Bill Simmons, who think anything a Boston player does is HUGE compared to anyone else. Let's see what happens in Game 2.

Mike said...

I thought it was odd, too, even as a Celts fan. But--since my basketball career was so great*--I can understand the whole rolling over your knee or ankle and hearing a pop and freaking out about it. Then, you realize it feels better, and getting back into the game.

*I tore it up in the white suburban neighborhood of Massachusetts that I grew up in.

Stanley C. said...

Just one more reason why I can't watch an NBA game without rolling my eyes, or having my eyes close altogether and falling asleep. Watching Pierce writhe about on the ground and being carried off the court in tears (on amount of cajoling could get me to watch it live) brought up memories of World Class football...I mean one can act like being shot in the leg and miraculously recover as soon as the play continues like a European footballer. Take, for example, Ryan Malone of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In game 5 of the Finals, he takes a full on, one-timed slap shot to the schnozz, which promptly shatters, blood pouring out. He skates himself off the ice and returns at the start of the 3rd period (he was on the ice for the game winner in overtime number 3). In last seasons Finals, Chris Pronger (if memory serves me correct) was interviewed after a Stanley Cup game. He was asked if his shoulder was bothering him at all and if anything was needed after the game. Said Pronger, "Yeah, I seperated my shoulder a couple games ago, but I just popped it back in and kept playing." Now watching Pierce (and even Dwayne Wade as he was wheelchaired off the court) act like a 9mm just penetrated his leg just solidifies my feelings about the NBA (and yes, I might have a slight NHL bias...)

I, for one, have had nothing more major than a couple broken fingers and a sprained arm, so I can't say I've experienced pain on those levels, but I can make comparisons based on other athletes. C'mon NBA...

ASponge said...

There's no question that basketball players think they're tough, but are such wimps compared with hockey players.

Not even close. Hockey players just clean up the blood. Maybe Zo could have been a hockey player...that's about it.