Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dolphins News...Including JT

Contrary to popular belief, the Dolphins do have a team outside of Jason Taylor. In fact, Jason Taylor may or may not be on the team, so it's questionable whether he even counts. Before we get to the real team, however, let me share a quick bit on JT.

Bill Parcells may have a problem with Taylor, but coach Tony Sparano is adopting a much more civil approach. As FinsNation reports, Sparano seems - at least publicly - to want Jason Taylor on his squad. Not a bad idea, considering the guy's a Defensive MVP, Dolphins legend, and decent guy (yes, he is)! Major kudos to you, Tony Sparano, for actually saying the right thing.

Now as for other news, things are looking very promising for John Beck. Both FinsNation and Phinsider reported on this story...perhaps John Beck could be the answer at quarterback? If so, that would be far more integral to the Dolphins' success this year than a certain Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Josh McCown is also rumored to have played well, which is certainly a noteworthy story, but not something to get excited about. Beck is the one with a real future. I hope we never see McCown in a game unless it's garbage time.

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