Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heat Draft Choices Don't Measure Up

It's a well-known fact that basketball players tend to overstate their height. There are a number of ways to justify this phenomenon, but it's somewhere in between innocence and the more unseemly trend of baseball players understating their age.

Well, eventually the truth comes out. As Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald reports, there is a major height inconsistency with one of the Heat's potential draftees. Let's see which one.

1. Derrick Rose: Listed at 6'3. 6'1 1/2 without shoes, 6'2 1/2 with shoes. Not that bad at all.

2. Michael Beasley: Listed at 6'10. 6'7 without shoes, 6'8 1/4 with shoes. WHAT??? That's not even close!

I'm beginning to lose hope in the idea of the Bulls taking Beasley over Rose. Beasley just seems to keep developing negatives, while Rose is soaring. Do the Heat want a 6'7 Beasley at PF? I'm not sure, but I'd still take him over OJ Mayo in a heartbeat.


E.J. said...

If Beasley is as good as advertised, his height won't matter too much, I think. Remember that Charles Barkley played the position at smaller than what Beasley is now.

The Dude said...

AS...I've been feeling the exact same way. Maybe I'm just trying to keep my hopes curbed so that I won't be too let down when Chicago does select Rose.

And I'm with you. I'll take Beasely over OJ in a second. It's not even debatable in my opinion.