Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Awful Call

I'd be remiss in my responsibilities if I didn't point out one absolutely HORRENDOUS call in today's Marlins-Braves game.

In the 8th inning, Mike Jacobs hit a soft grounder up the second base side. He beat the throw by a good step, yet was inexplicably called out by umpire Adrian Johnson (who at first called him safe and changed his mind mid-motion). I've been told that Johnson is a fill-in AAA umpire, but that still doesn't excuse yet another case of atrocious umpiring in the MLB. Another day, another inexcusable call. Instant replay can't come soon enough.

Oh, and this so-called AAA umpire will be calling balls and strikes tomorrow night. Should be fun. Let's hope he doesn't hold a grudge against Fredi Gonzalez, who rightfully got himself thrown out for protesting.


Anonymous said...

That was pretty effed up. MJ looked like he wanted to pummel him. Fredi did the right thing, and I loved T-Hut yelling, "Go for it, Fredi! Get your money's worth!"

ASponge said...

Yes, I enjoyed Tommy shouting too. You have to love his "objectiveness"