Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hanley's Back! So are the Marlins!

I was mentally prepared for another disappointing loss. I wasn't even surprised. It was total resignation drenched over my face, the acceptance of a once-promising season going clumsily down the garbage disposal (yes, it's not just a drain, it's a painful one with slicers).

Then something happened. Down 4-2 in the 9th, superstar Cody Ross (the hottest player in MLB right now) starts things off with a single to left. Okay, there's something. Then Mike Rabelo (of all people) launches a bomb into right center. HOLY SH*T!!!! A couple batters later, Cantu doubles and then Hanley, the goat of May, blasts his second homer of the day. WOW!

In a road trip so marred by blown leads, it was about time the Marlins got one back. Suddenly, the Marlins can turn this into a 4-6 trip tomorrow night, which is a whole lot better than 2-8. Now if only the Phillies would lose a game.


Paul said...

Glad to hear it! I was actually in the library studying for the bar this afternoon and thinking to myself whether I could sue the Marlins for infliction of emotional distress; thankfully, this takes them off the hook--for now:)

ASponge said...

Haha. Did you suffer physical damage from it? That would help your case.

You also have to wonder if the Marlins would be invitees or licensees...yesterday, I would have made them trespassers.

E.J. said...

The question turns on whether the Marlins inflicted the emotional distress negligently or intentionally to you. If negligently, THEN you need to prove physical impact, if I'm not mistaken. Hey, here at the Fan we're not only helping enlighten people in sports, but in law as well :)

Good luck on the Bar, Paul.