Thursday, June 5, 2008

There's a Baseball Draft Today

Did anyone outside of Baseball America know there's a baseball draft today? No, not for next year's little league teams, not a mid-season fantasy draft, but for Major League Baseball.

It's the least publicized draft of all the major sports (including hockey), and yet so many division crowns are won on such days. Why so little attention? The biggest reason (at least in my estimation) is that the players take too long to develop, if at all. So much of it is speculative, with fans rarely knowing who was and wasn't supposed to pan out. You find out three years later which players are tearing it up in the farm based on September call-ups, and suddenly you "always knew" he was a stud. Funny how that works.

Fish Stripes gives a decent overview of the upcoming day for the Marlins. Here's the key note:

"The Marlins are drafting 6, 52, 83, 118 and 148 in the first five rounds in this year's draft. After that, keep adding 30 to the previous round.

The consensus by all the prognosticators is that the Marlins will select Kyle Skipworth, C, from a Riverside CA, High School. However, don't be surprised if the Marlins choose Aaron Crow. RHP, from Missouri."

A catcher? Why take someone at a position the Marlins are so settled in (okay, I'm full of jokes today). I've always been a fan of taking top arms on Draft Day, but you have to consider the individual cases. Just know that the blueprint for Marlins success has always been young pitching. We'll have more on these players as the draft goes on.

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