Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plenty of South Florida interest in top 10 picks

South Florida has been well represented through the top 10 picks of the 2008 MLB Draft. With the first pick overall, the Tampa Rays selected Timothy Beckman, a high school short stop out of Georgia. It appears as though Beckman has all the tools in place to be a bona fide MLB'er in the future; he has speed enough to cover the holes in the infield as well as steal a few bases, and the power to be a solid fixture in any lineup.

The 3rd pick came from the Royals, and they selected, from American Heritage (Boca Raton\Delray Beach\Plantation area), Eric Hosmer. He's been called the top bat in this year's draft, drawing comparasion to Casey Kotchman, despite only being in high school.

With the 6th pick, the Marlins selected, as predicted here on TSFFB, catcher Kyle Skipworth.

Then, with the 7th pick, the Reds picked University of Miami first baseman Yonder Alonso, who beat out South Carolina's Justin Smoak to be the first college first baseman to be picked. What Alonso lacks in defensive abilities, he more than makes up for with power.

And just recently, another Hurricane was taken with the 12th pick; 2nd baseman Jemile Weeks.

More as the draft unfolds...


ASponge said...

Excellent coverage, Stanley! Do you think the Marlins should have taken hometown star Yonder Alonso? Would have been a popular pick.

E.J. said...

I definitely think it would've been popular, but there was a more pressing need at catcher, as you so perceptively and wittily said in the post below.

On a side-gloat: way to represent, Canes!!!

Stanley C. said...

Thanks asponge! Such is the life working at a TV station... lots of "hurry up and wait"ing, so I get to watch some MLB draft action. Alonso would have been a fine pick on the face, might have gotten a few of his friends and families into the stands at Marlins' games down the road (and hey, let's face it, 20 or so more fans in the stands would be noticeable). But asponge was right, Skipworth at catcher was the right pick. Woud have been nice if Posey had dropped one more spot to us.