Monday, June 2, 2008

More Good Marlins News

This story is slightly outdated, so I apologize for that in advance. I planned to post about it this weekend...I forgot. Sorry.

Anyway, it's still worth evaluating three days later. According to Fish Stripes, the Marlins' TV ratings are absolutely soaring. Friday's Marlins-Phillies game had the highest TV rating in two years (which was a September playoff-like game), and the Marlins are consistently in the middle of the pack this year.

Here's what this means to me:

1. Fan interest is definitely out there.

2. With the new stadium, maybe some of these people will actually attend the games.

3. Are some of these people purposely not going to the games out of protest? I think so.

4. The general South Florida sports media needs to pay WAY more attention to the Marlins. They should be a much more prominent story than Bill Parcells or Jason Taylor. That's the problem.

Either way, I'm very encouraged by the recent surge. The Marlins could have a prosperous future here, after all.

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